Aldea Bamboo is an ecological and healing accommodation project in the jungle of San Pancho. A few steps from the quietest, and most private part of the beach. The beauty of nature, natural architecture, and wellness services, create the propitious environment to experience, for a few days, a healthier life in harmony and in connection within oneself.

The natural architecture through the construction with bamboo, wood and royal palms, brings an elegant integration to the jungle environment, adapting to the topography and vegetation in order to have a minimum impact on the land and make us feel part of it.

Ecological systems are what will make us question our daily habits and let us see that it is possible to live in a healthier and more balanced way with the environment.

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 The gray waters (soapy water) are lead to natural filters that water our plants.


In the same way, the dried baths transform the human waste into natural fertilizer through a comopost system called Humanure, avoiding waste and misuse of water for this purpose.


With all these elements, together with the singing of the birds, the waves of the sea, and the breeze between trees, our guests can feel the reconnection to the natural life thus facilitating the relaxation and the return to an internal balance indispensable to maintain healthiness.

In addition to the benefit and pleasure that close contact with nature gives us, our health and healing services help our guests to make their vacations an experience of transformation and personal growth.

San pancho

The charm of San Pancho has made it a top tourist village that has welcomed a large number of retirees from the United States and Canada, and a large group of young people from all over the world. All of them have found here the energy and resources to create alternative projects in education, ecology, healing, gastronomy, art and sport, resulting in a fusion of the most avant-garde of their cities and countries of origin, with the beauty of Nature of this small fishing village.

It is difficult to know why San Pancho has become such a cosmopolitan town. Perhaps, because of the spectacular beach and its sunsets, or perhaps because its very patron Saint Francis of Assisi. But what is certain, is that coming to San Pancho is an experience of contact with its nature that everyone who has experience it, returns sooner or later because it proposes a more integrated, quieter and beautiful life.