My daughter and I facilitated a Yoga Retreat in San Pancho in Dec 2015. We were fortunate to discover Jaime and both of us had sessions with him. I was amazed at the accuracy of his intuition as he observed the thoughts and feelings that came up during our session. He knew nothing of my life before commencing, yet 'knew' many aspects of past and current issues I had been dealing with. It was a profound and humbling experience. I felt shifts for the next couple of days before my second session. After the second session I felt 'complete' with the different things that I had been thinking and feeling. I was so impressed with my sessions I recommended Jaime to the participants in our retreat. Ten out of the fourteen guests also saw Jaime. Each one of them had their own insightful experience and we all agree that we continue to notice shifts that are being revealed to us. We are returning to San Pancho for another Retreat this Spring and Jaime will be an integral part  for facilitating transformation with our guests. He is the real deal!

Paula Revilla




I was introduced to Jaime during a trip to San Pancho, Mexico in November.  I felt that he was extremely kind, sensitive and professional during my visit with him.  I did not share much with Jaime about things happening in my life, and he instantly picked up on problem areas and touched on emotional issues that I was dealing with.  He offered practical solutions for me to address the physical and emotional issues I was facing.  I would highly recommend Jaime to anybody.  I will be sure to visit him again when I am in San Pancho next.

Bet Tullis



Jaime created a safe and sacred healing space that allowed me to relax, trust and receive the deep and profound healing. I consider Jaime a” Master Healer” as he not only has knowledge and experience of several complementary healing modalities but also, intuitively and expertly integrates and uses them in his sessions.  Though he is a very gentle and humble man he holds a powerful and confident presence. 

I am truly grateful to Jaime for his work with me. My body, mind, spirit and life have been beautifully transformed because of his healing. Thank you so much!

Sarah Lombardo

California, USA


December 2015 myself and my daughter went on a yoga retreat with a wonderful bunch of beautiful enlightened people. Word quickly got around that there was a man by the name of Jaime  in which many within our group referred to as the healer.


My week consisted of many spiritual healings especially In regards to the grieving and releasing of the death of my much beloved father who passed away during this same exact season and time 2 years ago from lung cancer. I had decided after hearing the testimonials from our group that I would go and see the healer...upon my arrival I had a small orientation in which the healer made me feel comfortable and safe...I was asked why? and what it was I seeking to discover in my session...so I mentioned 3 things; my new business venture, my marriage, and what was in store for my children's present and futuristic journey of truth and spirituality. After bearing my heart he said to me with a very controlled and great gift of soothing energy "Now I forget all that" I admit I was skeptical and my thoughts were questioning the validity of all this...he began his session and as I went through the intentional process of meditative healing he did not once speak of my initial 3 things that I suggested I wanted answers for....I never once spoke of my father and his passing and the pain I suffered because of my loss. ... As the session continued I felt the incredible energy of love all around me covering me like a blanket of security...the healer reached my heart shakra and it was then that he began to touch on my relationship with my father and so he went through a series of massaging, movement and pressure to my heart...the energy was strong, loving, and powerful....the healer read my heart, mind , body and soul...it was then that I finally released my father's death and I became free and healed...the session was filled with insight, laughter from the depth of my soul, grieving and then uncontrollable sobbing from my gut..it was then that I became as if a new creation and all the pain, suffering and hurt dissipated.


From the deepest and most beautiful part of my heart I will be forever grateful to this man so called the healer and will never forget this experience as it has been life changing and monumental in my journey of love, light and inward growth....thank you my friend for being a vessel of love and allowing the universe to use you for the purpose of healing...writing this testimony has been liberating...I indeed testify that Jaime is a man that has a great gift and I honor, respect and support his ministry of healing.


Love and blessings,

Carrie Lawson



After two sessions with Jaime, I made sure my friends visiting me in San Pancho also scheduled sessions, and they are glad they did. Sometimes our bodies have much to say, but we cannot hear what it is, because we are blocked or not paying attention.  Jaime was able to listen to my body on my behalf.  Because of childhood trauma, there were places in my body where the energy was not able to flow, at all.  It was as if there were walls between the top, the middle, and the bottom parts of my body. Through listening with his intuition and hands, Jamie was able to find these walls and help open them up. I feel as if the whole energy framework in my body has shifted in a positive way. If you want to take advantage of the opportunity to have a gifted intuitive healer help you move into an even better place, I highly recommend scheduling a session. If you are in San Pancho on vacation, and want to turn it into a healing retreat, in order to go home a different, lighter person, see Jaime.        


Victoria Hoch, Austin Texas