With a deep love and respect for the Earth and Nature, Jaime Sánchez Mohar returns to his architectural practice with this project that combines his great passions: healing, the art of sacred geometry and natural architecture.

His refusal to participate in a construction industry that is the main source of contamination and destruction of the planet, lead him to leave his profession for 15 years and to delve into the art of sacred geometry and alternative healing  in wich the path to contribute to the development of the consciousness of the human being is open.


Thanks to his teachers Catherine Bechard, osteopath and French healer, and Alvaro Vázquez, shaman and Zapotec healer, he begins to develop his gifts to heal through the imposition of hands, putting into practice this form of healing created by both teachers which integrates the Western world with the traditional, the rational with the intuitive, the anatomical and structural functional with the energetic and emotional abstract, which makes this practice a truly holistic and integral healing.

Other studies of Chinese medicine and biomagnetism are integrated into his practice. In addition to Dynamic Quiet (craniosacral therapy), as a pupil of Charles Ridley.


Dedicated to healing, both in San Pancho and through his travels around different states of the country, and developing his personal practices (traditional Shotokan Karate and Taoist meditation). He also attended several workshops of Natural Construction with Alejandra Caballero in Tlaxco, Tlaxcala and "Los Pies en La Tierra" in Tepoztlán, Morelos.

Finally, in 2017, together with an expert team in the technique of construction with bamboo from Veracruz, Jaime creates Aldea Bamboo, a project where architecture becomes healing, and where experience leads us to a deep connection with nature, and with oneself.

In sacred geometry, he finds the form of translating metaphysical universal principles. It is through the painting of Mandalas that he finds possible to perceive and familiarize with them both consciously and unconsciously.